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What happens during my MRI scan?

Before the scan: Eat and drink normally and take your normal medication unless we tell you otherwise. Do not wear eye makeup if you are having a brain scan.

Arrive about 15 minutes early for your scan. This will give our staff time to fully explain the scan to you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Leave metal items such as your watch, coins and jewellery at home or with someone if you can. Lock-up cubicles or boxes for these items are available if required.

Bring any previous scans or x-rays.


Wear comfortable clothes, but avoid anything with metal in it (buttons, zips etc). We will provide a gown for you to change into if required.

You will have to remove anything metallic (hair clips, hearing aids, pens, watch etc.)

During your MRI scan:

You will lie down on a cushioned table and glide into the scanner. During each scan you will hear a series of loud tapping and knocking noises. This is perfectly normal for this type of scanner.

Our MRI technologist will be in contact with you throughout the scan and we can hear anything you say through an intercom. The staff will keep you informed as to how long each scan will last.

During the scan you will need to be as still and relaxed as possible. Moving during the procedure may require repeating parts of the exam, so it is best to try to remain as still as possible for the best exam results. You will be offered headphones or earplugs, and you are welcome to bring your own choice of music CD to listen to during your scan. A fan will also blow cool air over you to help you relax.

Some scans require us to give you an injection of Gadolinium contrast agent to improve visualisation of tissue within the body. Allergies or reactions to Gadolinium are very rare.

How long does an MRI take?

The whole scan can last between 20 and 45 minutes.


There are no special requirements for you after the scan is completed.


Your referring doctor will receive the final scan report. Reporting is usually complete within 48 hours. Your referring doctor will give you the results of your scan.

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Contact Us

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We Welcome Your Feedback

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